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Bible Quiz Pro – Android

Biblical knowledge is very important for the Christian life. If we do not know Scripture, we can easily be deceived by any false teaching. Reading the Bible is difficult for many, so quiz questions are one way to improve Bible knowledge. The Bible Quiz Pro app has more than 1000 questions. The different game modes can help you find the set of questions that can best strengthen your Bible knowledge.

Game Modes

It is advisable to start with the Basic and New Testament questions first, which is ideal not only for new believers but also for children. However, those who already have a basic knowledge can move on to the Old Testament or All Questions game mode.

If you are interested about other game modes, try True or False, Guess The Word or 5 minutes game mode. The game also gives you the opportunity to practice with which we can’t lose a life while playing. So you can go through all the questions at once. However, you have to buy this game mode, just a little money to support the development of the game.


Today’s Champion is designed to help Christians succeed during the game. So they are trying to answer even more questions to increase their score and Bible knowledge at the same time. In the profile it is possible to review the achieved results. In the statistics the incorrectly answered questions are also listed, however, all of these require a login.

If the question is answered incorrectly, we will show the good answer and the verse that explains it. This will greatly help you to answer the question correctly next time. As of this writing, the app has already reached more than 100,000 downloads with a rating of 4.7. It has become one of the best free Bible Quiz apps on the Google Play store.

You can download the application by clicking here.