Bible quiz game modes

Bible questions, answers, and verses were taken from the English Standard Version (ESV).

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

You can answer 1,667 questions in this game mode. 1,171 Old Testament and 496 New Testament questions.

True or False

True Or False

You can answer 800 questions in this game mode, 492 Old Testament and 308 New Testament questions.


Books of the Bible Quiz

This game mode tests your knowledge and helps you to learn from specific books from the Bible.


Crossword Puzzle

The goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words from the Bible.

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Automated Bible Quiz

Bible Trivia

In recent times, we realized people are more interested in games. There are many games up for download, and almost every month new updates and new games are being rolled out for people to play. Most youths and some adults get entangled with games leaving what they ought to do unattended to. This is not limited to the non-Christians but also, some Christians get into video games and get carried away by it. There different types of games that one could play but the best which is most recommended is the trivia quiz. Many schools have made it compulsory that students get involved in trivia quiz because it educates them and makes them become more focused. Trivia is filled with facts, information that is useful to people.

Bible on tabletOver the years, different applications, mobile apps, computer software that is trivia games have been built so that one could have easy access to these games online or offline. The trivia quiz is the most widely accepted game for everybody because of the importance it holds. It has no age limit except for some “adult games” which are not considered to be godly.

According to research, trivia games are games with questions that allow one to think deeply and search for answers at a given time. When there is the time attached to each question, it helps one to think faster and this is an effective way of boosting IQ. When one is able to train the brain on how to answer a question fast, it becomes easy for the brain to process information with speed and give positive feedback (result). All these things can be gained from trivia quiz.

Hands on Bible

There are some things that one doesn’t know about some particular subjects. When playing trivia, you know the things that are facts. You may think you know it all but facing some questions in the trivia game makes you realize that you need to know more. It encourages reading and doing research to know more. Trivia is more interesting when played with friends or relatives. Students playing games together become friends and become very close. In this way, one can easily share knowledge with the other and through that, one can learn new things. Through trivia, one can make new friends.

There are millions of questions on websites that needed to be answered. Imagine facing some of these questions, it increases knowledge. We found out these things, the benefits of trivia quiz and we decided to take it into Christianity by having the Bible quiz. This is useful for everybody including those who are not Christians but have an interest in playing the bible game. This is also to shift the attention of Christians to the word of God. Many people don’t know some things about the characters in the bible. There are some facts that people, Christian’s and non-Christians should know in the bible and that is why we have created this website where people can play the Bible games. We have questions ranging from the Old Testament to the New Testament – these questions are strictly on the word of God and the goal is to make people find interest in reading the Bible.

Bible in handBible trivia is also important to the Christian community and to the world at large, it helps to promote Bible study in Christianity. From research, it shows that when one is into the trivia game and gets one answer correctly, it boosts the release of dopamine in the brain. This will increase the sense of pleasure in the person and that is how the Bible game can make Bible study necessary. We can consider this as a means of preaching the gospel to the world. Jesus had told us to go into the world and preach the Gospel. There are different ways we can promote Jesus – one of them is to make people have an interest in the word of God and that can be done through Bible trivia. We have questions about Abraham, Isaac, prominent people, the Judges, the Kings, generations, families, there are also questions from the time of Jesus.

You can play this game with your family and friends. It will be good to use this Bible quiz in the children’s department of the church as it teaches them more about the characters in the Bible and increases their interest in reading the word of God as they grow. It can also be used individually to test one’s knowledge of the Bible. Playing video games may not be all that bad but getting yourself into games that will enlighten you and teach you the things that you don’t know is not a bad idea. You can play and share this bible game with your friends. By doing this, you are promoting Jesus.

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