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Consecration is something that everyone of us believer in Christ can, and should experience. It’s not something that’s reserved for only knowledgeable or spiritually mature Christians. After we’re regenerated, the next step is consecration.

What is consecration?

Consecration means to give one’s self to the Lord. In other words, to becoming a living sacrifice. Romans 12:1: I exhort you therefore, brothers, through the compassions of God to present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable service. Hence, consecration is a crucial step in our life-long journey with the Lord.

We all need to consecrate ourselves to the Lord as believers in order to deepen our personal knowledge of Christ and grow in the divine life, even if we’ve only just gotten saved. This is because consecration is the basis for every spiritual experience.

The Importance of Being Consecrated

1. Consecration makes us walk in the Lord’s way. Consecrating ourselves to God keeps us in his way and saves us from taking our own way like we did before we got saved.

2. It makes us grow in God’s way. When we surrender ourselves to God, we’d be able to sense what pleases him and what doesn’t. This is one of the results of God’s divine life functioning in us, and it’s activated by our consecration. As we follow God by obeying this sense, we grow in the divine life in a real and practical way.

3. It allows God to work freely in us.
God is patient and he respects our free will. Consequently, he doesn’t barge into our lives to work in us. He needs our consent to work freely in us. So he’d always patiently wait until we give him our permission to accomplish his purpose in us. Our consecration is that consent.

4. It gives us access to God’s blessings. Consecration is like a door. In order to enter a building, we need go through a door. If we don’t, no matter what wonderful thing awaits us on the other side, we can’t take part in it. Likewise, consecration is the door for us to enter through to enjoy all the riches of God’s untold blessings.

Ephesians 1:3 says, God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Christ. These blessings include the divine life, Christ’s perfect humanity and living, his effective death, his powerful resurrection, his victory over Satan, his ascension over all things, and so much more. We’d have full access to all of these blessings by consecrating ourselves to him. We already possess them, but for us to enjoy them in our experience, we must consecrate ourselves to God.


If we give ourselves to the Lord, he will lead us in our experience into the enjoyment of the rich blessings of salvation. Our experience of Christ is significantly affected by whether or not we give ourselves to the Lord. Without being consecrated to God, it will definitely be difficult to live and grow according to God’s will for our lives.

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