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COVID-19, leprosy and the all time solution

COVID-19 is a serious threat to society for its continous claim on lives and the discomfort it brings to relatives and friends of the affected. Its history is short yet its conciquencies are dire. Fresh information about COVID-19 is collected, analysed and shared daily. Clearly, COVID-19 is a mistrious virus that has engulfed the world. It is not surprising that a disease with similar qualities once troubled the world in Bible times as recorded in both the Old and New Testament.

The Bible records leprosy as one of the dreaded diseases. The reason it was dreaded is becuase it was incurable yet contageous. Leprocy was so terrible to the point that infected people had to live in isolation for life. Terrible as it was, there was a solution for it which has stood the test of time and that is God’s intervention.

Before reminding us of the tried and tested solution, I wish to discuss two similarities of COVID-19 and leprosy.

  1. They do not discriminate the rich from the poor, neither by race or ethnicity. Today COVID-19 has claimed lives of hihgly influencial individuals across the world including some entreprenuers and politicians. The Old Testament in 2 Kings 5 relates a story of a great army leader known as Naaman who suffred from leprosy. On the other hand, the New Testament in Matthew 8:1-4 talks of one leper and in Luke 17:11-19 it talks of ten lepers who were in dire need for healing.
  2. They are transmissible from person to person, making isolation of the infected person(s) a must if infection is to be completely eliminated. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has made isolation one of the key measures to combat COVID-19 while the Bible records that lepers had to be isolated.

The all time solution

In the story of Naaman, the King of Isreal declared that God has the power to give life and take it away (2 Kings 5:7). In the New Testament, Jesus Himself gave healing to the infected people. The good news is that the same God and the same Jesus who gave healing are still accessible through prayer to offer the same satisfying healing to COVID-19 or any other disease.

Just as the Bible records instances of healing from leprocy through God’s intervention, it is inspiring to know that some poeple today have shared testimonies on how thay have been healed from COVID-19 through prayer. The doors to perfect physical health through prayer in the name of Jesus are still open with no discrimination. God Himself gives life and takes life yet if we ask for healing according to His will we shall be granted.


The world should know that God is in full control and therefore holds the solution to COVID-19. It is He that will allow the world to come up with a vacine, which will by no means be 100 percent effective. Today God grants recovery to some and allow others to die at His own discretion. This indicates that the source of life is God and everyone who wants to live should turn his or her eyes on Jesus Christ our healer.

It is not surprising that the Bible has forewarned us about such perilous times where incurable diseases will prevail. To the believer, this should not only be a reason to draw even closer to God but it should also indicate the spiritual time to when the end of the world will come.

May the world know that it is God, whom we gain access to through the Lord Jesus Christ, who gives and takes away life.

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