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Discouragement Discouragement is an emotion that we usually have to deal with at some points in our lives. The devil brings this awful feeling to dissuade us from loving God. I’ve experienced severe discouragement on a full scale – at least thrice since I gave my life to Jesus at the age of nineteen. But I’ll share just one.

One of experiences with discouragement

I had wanted to go abroad for my master’s degree, three years ago. I had my admission, submitted my passport for stamping and had barely three weeks to leave. But then, everything around me just went wrong. I had difficulty raising the remaining fund that was required. And in the midst of it all, God spoke and he said “you’ll certainly travel but, not right now.” At this point it dawned on me that it was God’s wasn’t involved in my plan.

However, I was so consumed with getting my way that I kept trying. Until I just had to let go of it and submit to God’s will.

Almost Lost my Faith

The fact that God himself stopped my trip didn’t alleviate the devastation that I felt. I couldn’t help feeling this way because of, the amount of resources and time that had already gone in. I felt this terrible discouragement. Like God was unfair to me. Nevertheless, it only took two months before I realized the reason he made my trip impossible.

This incidence almost cost me my faith. The devil tried to convince me that God didn’t have my interest at heart. I was even upset with God. Notwithstanding, he didn’t let me slip out of his hands. He surrounded me with the right people who helped pull me out of the deep pit of depression that I almost sank into.

What You Need to Hear

We get discouraged when things don’t go the way we planned it or expected. David, Moses, Elijah and Jeremiah, etc faced discouragement when they were criticized by the people they loved and risked their lives to save. They demanded to die because they were rewarded evil for the good they did for Israel. However, they all pulled through the discouragement they had to face.

Likewise, situations that will bring discouragement your way will come sometimes. Look up to the one who holds the answer to every question, when that discouragement comes. Every bad season will always pass, so don’t ever consider the option of giving up. Many consider suicide when discouragement comes but I’d have you know that death is never an option. It may take you to hell and trust me, that’s not a place you’d want to be. Elijah wanted death when an uncommon experience was waiting for him to enter into heaven without seeing death.

Lastly, our victory is sure because God is good, gracious and faithful. And willing to help us in the hour of need. I encourage us to frustrate every discouragement through prayer. Every of God’s plan for you and I will eventually materialize regardless of the delay if we don’t give up. “Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.” (Job 8:7, 1 Samuel 30:6)

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