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How to Create Christian Guest Post

The steps below show you how to create Christian guest post on our website. Before we go through the steps, we first list our minimum requirements:

  • English language articles are accepted
  • the article should be 100% unique (Christian related)
  • the article must contain at least 500 words
  • use image (minimum 600px wide)


Registration is required to create articles. Click here to register.

Basic information is required such as username, email address and password. But it is strongly recommended to fill in all the fields, especially the Biographical Info that will appear below each of your articles.  

After registration, the system will send a confirmation email to your email address. You can activate your registration by clicking on the link in the email.

Create an Christian Guest Post

After successful registration, log in to the website. You will then see a menu in the top left corner, click on ‘New’ and within that ‘Post’.

Before you can start writing your Christian guest post, a short tutorial can help you write your post. If you want to skip, you can close the window in the top right corner.

We finally got to where you can write your post. You should write the title of the topic at the top and its content below it.  

In the window that appears while writing the post, you have the option to change the appearance. Here you can set a larger font color, font or share a quote.

If you can’t find the right feature for you, click the blue plus sign in the top left corner of the page.

Categories Tags and Featured Image

In the panel on the right side of the page you can specify all of these.  


The default category is ‘Uncategorized’, you may want to change this to the category that best fits your article (e.g. teaching).


Tags are a great way to easily find posts that fit the topic. Enter as many relevant tags as possible, try to use a maximum of 2-3 words per tag. Tags will be found below your post.

Featured Image

You can also add images to your post, but don’t miss the featured image feature. This image will be the one in the list of all articles. Make sure the image is at least 600px wide. To add an image, open the ‘Featured Image’ tab and click on the ‘Set featured image’ box.

The Media Library will then open, where you can choose from images that have already been uploaded by others. However, you may want to upload a new one to make your post more unique. To upload, select the ‘Upload files’ tab and then click on the ‘Select files’ box.

SEO and Readability

With this feature, you can make your post popular in Internet search engines (for example: Google, Bing, Yahoo). This feature will help you improve your article with step-by-step instructions below your article. A green smiley indicates the proper SEO and Readability status of your article.