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  • Worry
  • Regret
  • Obstacles
  • Excuses
  • Envy
  1. WORRY: Worry does not change your situation, it only compounds it. If you worry too much, you open yourself to uncalled sickness like hypertension. Worry is the enemy’s gift. DO NOT RECEIVE IT. Worry eats people alive and christians are not exempted. Worry is prohibited by God(Matthew 6:25), it makes you look like a failure. Why worry when you can easily cast your burden on Jesus(1Peter 5:7). The twin brother of worry is REGRET.
  2. REGRET: It is an attitude of meditating on the past mistakes, if you can’t learn to forget your mistakes  and refuse to live in regrets of the past, you will  never enjoy life. If the enemy can disrupt your joy,he has destroyed your strength because the joy of the lord is your strength. Regret never steals your yesterday but now, PRESENT!!! . When you regret past mistakes, you tend to forget that you are in the present and you don’t achieve anything for the future or present. Regret makes you feel lower or inferior of yourself and so regret becomes superior.

What you can do to overcome regret

  • Take action
  • Evaluate how you cope with regrets
  • Interrupts your obsession

3.   OBSTACLES: Obstacles ought to introduce you to yourself , when you encounter obstacles, it either leaves you better than before or worse than before, as a result of confrontation, obstacles hinder or slow your progress towards a goal. If you don’t encounter obstacles on your way or life race, be sure that the journey is not matured or it leads to an undeveloped end(James 1:2-4). Once you see obstacles, regrets come in and you start wishing for the past which may lead to the destruction of your future. Let your past go or you will go with it.

What you should let go

  • Those that hurt when people offend you, you have to let go, MOVE ON.
  • Your past mistakes.
  • Your past success.

When you hold onto your past success and you tackle your present success, you don’t have a tendency of winning, do you know why? Because you used the motive of the old success to tackle the new success, you can’t start a new chapter of your life, if you keep reading the last one.

4.  EXCUSES: The day you stop making excuses, that’s the day you start progressing. Idle people give excuses. When you excuse yourself, you accuse yourself.

5. ENVY: Envy, jealousy and greed are not just destroyers of the soul but to the physical well being. If you are not growing in grace, you are growing in troubles and afflictions. If you want to move forward, you need to link up with others, don’t think you can do it on your own. Individualism is a life of ingratitude.

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