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Before talking to God, you need to have something to tie your knots and that is RELATIONSHIP, you’ve got to have a solid relationship with him before you can call him Father. You cannot just call your earthly father FATHER, if you were not related by blood. It goes the same way with God, before you can talk to God, you got to have a cordial relationship with Him, what I meant byhaving a cordial relationship with God is to be born again by confessing your sins and asking for forgiveness, no matter what you might have done, He will forgive. When this is done, you can now invite Him into your heart and recognize him as your Lord and Saviour. Be determined to be consistent with him and ask for the grace never to backslide. Don’t be a LUKEWARM Christian or an ON and OFF Christian or else you lose your identity with Him and you would look for free access to him and his throne.

Thus, to be consistent in your relationship with God as your Father, consider the following:

PICTURE: Picture or visualise a mighty throne with a great man sitting upon it. Then, open your heart, as you would do to your earthly father. But, the difference here is that,  your earthly father don’t know your request because he might not have been or be able to predict it, but your heavenly father, being God and knowing your request before asking knows all, He is always waiting for you to come before him and pour out your heart to him. When you do this, picture it like someone is listening to you. When you are done, anticipate because he is going to do new things for you. But, when you realise that, the answers seem not to be forthcoming, all you need to do is, to examine your life in the context of His will and purpose and then, go back to him in prayers.

ANSWERS: The answers you get from the place of prayers is either a YES, NO or WAIT. The answer ‘YES’ is probably the right time to grant your request and so you see him acting on it, NO and WAIT tend to have the same meaning and it’s very rare for God to give a NO, when he gives a NO then it means what you are asking for is not meant for you. WAIT is an answer that he assures you that he will answer but not at that moment not because he wants to disappoint you but to glorify His name. Hence, for that period, you are said to be in God’s waiting room. All you need to do is to be PATIENT! The bond between your heavenly father and yourself is sure very close, if not you are not on the right track. SO ADJUST.

BE CALM: After talking to your father (GOD) for a while, you pause (when I say pause, I mean be CALM). The word ‘calm’ is very important because you have to hear what He has for you because you have been the one talking all the while, so you got to give Him a chance to respond. Then, when He speaks, take whatever He says back to Him in Prayers for more insight and conviction and ask him what He would have you do, and then, you ACT’

APPRECIATION: Next, comes appreciation. This is done by thanking Him for listening to you, do you know why? Because your earthly father may not have the luxury of time to listen to you as your Heavenly father would. Some of us spend close to six hours or more talking to our heavenly father and he never complained, but your earthly father might sit to listen but will not grab all you have said and before you know it something pops up which takes his attention and you have to start reminding him of whatever you have said but you never REMIND God because he knows all you asked for. Your heavenly father listens to you and still replies CALMLY without rushing but your earthly father procrastinates and he might take longer before he replies. So the fact he’s listening to you, you should thank God and thank him for what he will do in advance because he has answered you.

WATCH: When you are done, just round off and WATCH, since you have prayed.

As you can see, talking to your father is actually easy, feel free to go to Him, we no longer need any intermediary to help talk to Him. We have ACCESS to the throne. TALK TO HIM, HE IS LISTENING.


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