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The Christian race is very important.

God is on the throne
God created the heaven and earth, he formed the world out of nothing, he has been God even from the very beginning. He possess supernatural power from where nobody knows and the only thing he’s asking from you is your life and that’s all. He’s not forcing you, but be loves you and does not want you to waste your life. The only thing is he wants is to be the ruler of your life and that’s all. So give your life to the person who offers you everything (I mean blessings and all other good things attached to this life) and never cost you for one thing. He just want your life and that’s all. Yes! We were born into sin through our mother into the world. Why not be born again, I don’t mean like Nicodemus that was like in John 3:4 ” can a man be born when he’s old? Can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb?” No! I am not talking about that, you have To be born of water and the spirit, I mean you need to confess Jesus Christ as your lord and savior before you can say you are born again. Have you found your faith in Christ? Faith is the substance of thing hoped for, evidence of things not seen Hebrews 11:1. You know when you find your faith in Christ, you should be ready to believe that Christ is coming back, I mean that faith should push you to preach to others and once they see that faith, they will want to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Do you know why? They will be wondering how will someone have faith, I mean trust someone you cannot see, you only hear from him , so you will leave them amazed,stunned and they will want to see the reason why you cannot leave someone you cannot see to someone you can see(I mean herbalist and the likes). Because, there’s no how you will be serving a God with solid faith and not enjoy the benefits. They too will want to taste that benefit. 1.Have you found your stand in Christ? I mean don’t Be on a a sinking sand. Don’t be on a sand that will make you sink. Stand on the Rock of ages, because when you find your stand in him, you can’t sink, you won’t have to fall because your feet are firmly in him.

BE FIRM. 2.Are you solid in Christ’s foundation? Hope you are not wavering? Are you shaky? No!!! Don’t!!! When you are solid in Christ’s foundation, you can never waver, when you are running the Christian’s race, if you waver or you sink, you might have to go back to the starting point or you go backwards or you remain stagnant because there’s no form or anything that will push you forward. If you die today or if rapture takes place, where are by going? Are you sure of heaven or your entry is hell. These are the two places, where souls spend their eternity. Heaven for eternal rest or hell for eternal suffering where there will be gnashing of teeth and burning for eternity. Which do you want. Do you have the visa to heaven? Which is salvation. Salvation is the visa, like I said,

BE Born again

3.You have to be born again before God can recognize you as his own. You have to be SAVED!! Or you don’t have the visa to hellfire even the passport because the devil won’t ask. The devil already knows you as his own, that’s why he’s not asking for any of those things. Do you know why? Because you rejected the visa to heaven, so you were denied there in heaven and that’s what led you to hell. Do you have the international passport to heaven which is Christ? Because if you accept Jesus, you are sure to enter into heaven. Though Christ knows you but because you rejected him on earth, he does not recognize you. But once you have not rejected Satan on earth, he will always know you, he do not have to request for any visa because he has seen you as his daughter/son.
So whose side are you on? Don’t miss the Christian’s race. Be focused
Is your name in the book of life? Don’t let it be in the books of life.
Ajiboye Moyosoreoluwa Dorcas

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