Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz

A biblical quiz is a great tool to bring you up to speed with your Bible knowledge. Besides being fun, it challenges you to know the Bible better. When you are familiar with God’s word, you can apply it in your life and see great results (Mark 4:20). You may think a Bible quiz starts and ends with fun, but when you look closer, it stirs a desire in you to know the Scriptures.

Bible healsPrompts you to confirm facts as you answer the questions

Some questions in a quiz bring out interesting facts about a character or story that you want to go back and check to confirm the details. It can be something someone said that was uncharacteristic to them or people who survived an event and why. Whether you get an answer right or wrong, there is always a nudge to find out more information about the question at hand.

Shows you where you don’t pay attention when reading the Bible

As you answer questions in a quiz, you may find that you don’t remember the number of years in a story. You know the other facts well but the numbers escape you. It could be a feast in the New Testament that you didn’t know has an explanation in the Old Testament. A quiz highlights what you need to pay attention to as you read the Bible.

Heart in handsReminds you what you have forgotten in the Scriptures

There are stories you read once and forget. You don’t see any value in them until you see a question in a biblical quiz with that story and you remember it. Not only do you remember it, you learn something new about it that helps you apply it in your life.

Helps you keep your mind focused on God’s word

You may not know it but a biblical quiz keeps you focused on God’s word. It is the only game that feeds your spirit. Even after answering the questions in the quiz, your mind still thinks about the new things you learned along the way. By doing this, you are meditating on God’s word as you go about your day.

Increases your knowledge of Bible stories

Man prayingThe more you play a quiz the more biblical stories you encounter. This builds the list of Bible stories you know and what they mean to your everyday life. The more stories you know, the more you grow in your interpretation of the Scriptures. You understand what God communicates to you during your devotion times because you know many stories and passages.

A Bible related quiz can look very simple and full of fun but it challenges you to read the Scriptures daily. The Bible has a lot to teach you and prepare you to do God’s work (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Play the biblical quiz today and get to know the Bible better.

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Antal Farkas
(February 25, 2020)

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