Bible trivia for kids

Bible trivia for kids

Bible quizzes have become popular with Christians and many ministries have developed their own. There are online and printable Bible quiz games from which people can take their pick. The printable Bible quiz is the preferred choice of those doing Bible study and want to keep away from their mobile devices. The online one is popular with those who want to play it from anywhere and at any time.

You can play it “on the go”

Faith in mustard seedWith the busy lifestyle most people have, they don’t get much time to read and meditate on the word of God. The first striking advantage of an online Bible trivia for kids and for adults is that you can play it “on the go”. It’s accessible to anyone with a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. You can play it on the bus, during a tea break, in the waiting room or any other time that’s convenient for you. The advantage of an online Bible quiz is that you can access it from anywhere, anytime. You are not limited to a physical location like is the case with the printable one.

Bible references are available on the spot

Child on the fieldOne striking advantage of an online Bible quiz is that Bible references are available with every answer. Some online quizzes show the corresponding Bible verse after every answer (like the one on this site) while others show it after the final score. You can confirm the answer using the online Bible link provided with every verse.

Having access to the Bible as you play cuts short the time you need to check the verses later. It allows you to do a mini Bible study because you can check the context of a Bible verse while you play.

You can play as many times as you want

The third striking advantage of the online Bible quiz game is you can play for as long as you want. When you have a good chunk of time on your hands, you can grab as many quizzes as you can. It’s a better alternative to binge watching and reading on the internet. Besides, it is building you up as opposed to content that exists to entertain you.

God is loveAn online Bible quiz can go on until when you want to stop. You are not limited to one set of questions, you can keep going until it is time for your next engagement. You can even try out different levels of the game and see how well you fare. The more you play the more you get familiar with Bible stories and increase your knowledge of the Bible.

Deuteronomy 6:6-9 exhorts us to use every avenue we know to focus on the word of God. An online Bible quiz helps you do just that. The big advantage is you can focus on God’s word wherever you are and you don’t have to wait till you get home. Head to the quiz now and see how much of God’s word you know.

Click here to play Bible Trivia for kids and adults

Antal Farkas
(February 25, 2020)

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