Bible Trivia Questions

Bible Trivia Questions

A Bible quiz is a fun way to feed on the word of God. We cannot live on bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God (Deuteronomy 8:3). It’s a great opportunity to test your knowledge of the Bible and it challenges you to read it more often. To get the most from answering Bible trivia questions, the following ideas will inspire you.

Get the wrong answer

Open Bible in windowAnswering a question wrong can dishearten you. It’s normal to hope that you will get all the answers correct. If you get a wrong answer, the Bible quiz shows you the correct answer and includes a Bible reference for you to look up as you proceed to the next question. Take advantage of this facility so you can get some context when you check out a Bible verse.

Guess an answer

Some correct answers you get are the product of guesswork. You didn’t know the answer and stumbled upon the right one. This is a good time to look up the answer in the Bible reference given so you can see other surrounding verses and get familiar with the verse or story at hand.

Do further Bible reading after the quiz

Bible in handsThe Bible quiz has random questions from every corner of the Bible. It can refresh your memory about a story you had forgotten. Check it out after you play the game and familiarize yourself with the story once again. You’ll get new insights that will help you know God more. If you want to know more about a passage that tugged at your heart as you were playing the game, look for it in the Bible afterwards and read it again. It is the Holy Spirit inviting you to go deeper into God’s word. He wants to reveal something to you. Take up the chance.

Play more often

If you want to get the most from the Bible quiz game, play it more often. You need all the help you can get in studying God’s word. The more you answer the questions in the quiz, the more you see your weaknesses in Bible reading. You also come across many new stories that have great lessons. Play the online Bible quiz game daily or at a frequency you choose and pay attention to where you get answers wrong. It will help you read the Bible with more focus.

Don’t get upset with low scores

Cross on a hillGetting many answers wrong in a Bible quiz can make you feel upset. You expect a high score every time. Don’t let it get to you. See low scores as an opportunity to read your Bible more often and ask God to reveal himself to you as you do. When you draw near to God, he draws near to you (James 4:8).

The ideas above are to help you get the most from the online Bible quiz without taking out the fun. You can set a goal of doing one quiz a day. Get started on your next quiz today.

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Antal Farkas
(February 25, 2020)

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