Level 59 - True or False

0 New Testament and 10 Old Testament Questions.

  1. Joshua sent three spies to Jericho who hid in Rahab's house.

  2. Goliath's bronze coat of armour weighed 300 shekels.

  3. Moses assured victory against the Amalekites by raising his staff in the air.

  4. Jael killed Sisera with a tent peg.

  5. Nehemiah was King Artaxerxes' cupbearer.

  6. David reigned over Israel for 21 years.

  7. God helped Joshua defeat the Amorites with an earthquake.

  8. A moving star guided the Israelites through the wilderness.

  9. The priest's robe was red.

  10. Bezalel was the craftsman who assisted with the building of the tabernacle.

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