Level 67 - True or False

4 New Testament and 6 Old Testament Questions.

  1. The LORD afflicted Pharaoh and his household with great plagues because of Dinah.

  2. When Moses came down from Mount Ararat, the skin of his face shone.

  3. Samson's wife was given to his companion.

  4. The Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul.

  5. Ahithophel betrayed David.

  6. Haggai saw a flying scroll.

  7. When Judas Iscariot saw that Jesus was condemned, he returned the 30 pieces of silver.

  8. The 12 apostles chose 24 men including Stephen to help.

  9. The father of Publius fell sick with fever and dysentery.

  10. In the book of Revelation, the rider of the white horse held a bow in his hand.

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