Level 74 - True or False

4 New Testament and 6 Old Testament Questions.

  1. Rebekah was the daughter of Bethuel.

  2. God took some of the spirit that was on Moses and gave it to 12 elders.

  3. Moses met an angel in Jericho who had a sword in his hand.

  4. David took the spear and the jar of water from Saul's head while he slept.

  5. Saul took David's servants and shaved off half of their beards.

  6. Job lost his children in a wind storm.

  7. Jesus was with wild animals in the wilderness for forty days.

  8. The Samaritans did not receive Jesus.

  9. Mark's and Barnabas' feet were fastened in the stocks in the prison.

  10. In the book of Revelation, John saw a black dragon with 12 heads.

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