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Avoid Unnecessary Battles

Avoid Unnecessary Battles! The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.
-(Exodus 14:14)

Someone once said that life is a battlefield, and we are all soldiers. Even at times of physical peace, there are still other battles raging in personal lives, families, organizations, and other groups. At first glance, they may look indispensable, like fights we must see through to the end at all costs. However, in the grand scheme of things, a staggering number of those battles are found to be wholly unnecessary.

Is It Truly Worth It?

More so, it goes without saying then that many of the battles we engage in require serious review. Maybe there’s been a denial of your right; an injustice perpetrated against you or a loved one, a betrayal of your trust; a snatching away of someone or something precious to you; and the pain of the blow fuels the vehemence of the battle.

These indeed are terrible things that shouldn’t have happened, but as a Christian washed in the precious blood of Jesus; and determined to walk with Him until the end; there are certain questions you need to pause from the throes of these contentions and ask yourself. Is it truly worth it? Is engaging in this fight His will or is it yours? Are you fighting to have, keep or do what He doesn’t want for you? Is it really relevant to your destiny?

Brutal honesty is paramount here. How long have you been ignoring the whisper of the Spirit within you that it’s finally time to let go? In His Divine plan, it may not be the right time for you to have whatever that battle is about. It may not even be yours. Do you realise that there are certain things you need to release; so that the better ones He has prepared for you can come your way?

Beloved, retreat and withdrawal is not always cowardice. Don’t exhaust yourself with unnecessary battles. You could lose your peace of mind, health, precious people and properties; and even your life over them. You have an Almighty Captain beside you, and He has promised to fight for you and give you the victory. Find the courage to let go and let God take over. It may seem so crushing at first, but draw strength from this: what He will gift you in exchange for your battles will be so glorious; all those things you were struggling for would pale in comparison!

While You Wait

You may be wondering what on earth you would be doing when you’ve handed that battle that had you so occupied; to your Captain of your salvation. I have good news for you: there’s absolutely no dull moment in His Kingdom.

Finally, get actively involved in the only fight that truly matters: the good fight of faith. Obey His commandments, trust Him completely, preach His word, extend His beautiful love and care to as many as you can reach. The sheer peace and joy of these things will utterly paralyze the pain of the past. Your deliverance is just around the corner!

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