Breathing Evangelism Materials
Teachings Scholar Odum  

Breathing Evangelism Materials

We’re the breathing evangelism materials. I Corinthians 10:31 says,
Whether therefore ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

The gospel message has never before carried such urgency as it does now. We live in dangerously delicate times; where all sorts of ugly things are being reported in their hundreds on a daily basis. The expectation of the Rapture of the saints cannot but lay heavily on our minds as believers.

There is therefore an increased flurry of evangelical activities but like every other assignment; there’s a much easier way to win souls to Christ, which most Christians tend to ignore.

More Than Just Words

This means is far more effective than just our words, social media posts, tracts, singing, or writing. These things are really necessary, but are not all there is to evangelism. This means, plain and simple, is us.
Our attitude, manner of speech, behaviour, dressing, dietary choices, down to our facial expressions matter greatly. Never underestimate their power in influencing people, especially those in our immediate circles, for or against Jesus.

Beloved, does your way of life agree with the gospel you’re preaching? Do you say A and right before your audience, do B? Are you polite, or do you say anything you feel at any moment to anyone at all? Do you appreciate people, or do you feel entitled to everything you receive?

Do you dress carelessly as a Christian and when cautioned about it, boldly maintain that your heart is clean? Is it so difficult for you to release your money, assistance, or even a smile to someone? Are you trustworthy, or are you doing things that make unbelievers vehemently slander and reject other Christians? Do you ever apologise, and do you mean it even when you do? Much more than your words, your life matters.

Wide Open Book

Your case could even be that your intentions are innocent; but your actions are controversial and thus people doubt your stand. Don’t sit still and claim it doesn’t matter. It does! To a large extent, Christians have to care what other people think of them! You are not standing for yourself alone. You are an ambassador, representing the Kingdom of Light in a world of thick darkness.

If the people you’re preaching to observe that you have some of the darkness they themselves possess; do you honestly believe they’ll take you seriously? Our lives are wide open books. That ‘little’ thing we think doesn’t matter may be the very reason someone turns away from God and never looks back.

We must pray earnestly for the grace to show the love of Jesus through everything we think, say and do; and then become very intentional about our lifestyle! Millions of people have become broken and surrendered to Christ simply by observing the consistent beauty of a believer’s holiness.
The most effective evangelism materials on earth are the ones that breath— you and I. Yes, we’re the breathing evangelism materials! We must do it to the glory of our loving God, for dying souls around us, and for ourselves.

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