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Kill pride

Kill pride now! James 4:6 says, But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble.

Pride is one of the most unflattering traits out there. Most times, when we refer to pride, we immediately think of these obvious manifestations: proud people credit themselves for all they have. They listen to nobody because they believe they know it better. They become disgruntled when someone outshines them in an aspect. They don’t take correction. They hardly ever show gratitude.

They only say ‘please’ when they’ve seen that there’s no other way around it. Even when they apologise, they don’t really mean it, because in their own opinion, the other party is the one at fault. They succumb completely to the lie that they are sufficient for themselves. Pride is a cousin to anger and malice.

Watch out!

Pride can also be much subtler than all that. It can hide itself so expertly within a person that he or she would hardly ever suspect its presence. You can be so confident about your humility and still have pride. You can have everyone around you sing praises about your meekness and still have pride.

This subtle form of pride manifests itself majorly in believers. Too caught up in our powerful identity as new creatures in Christ; we tend to look down at others who are lost, instead of winning them over with love.
You pray and God answers speedily; miracles happen, awesome testimonies follow.

It’s too easy to begin to think thoughts like ‘I’m a better, more committed Christian than the rest of them. How else will I be able to have all these results?’ That’s pride there, creeping up steadily. Like a vine, it will surely choke the life from us if we ignore it. Only a sober and vigilant Christian can detect its stirrings and run to God for help.

The Path to Humility

God detests pride. Every time He sees a proud person, He remembers that it was the reason Lucifer challenged His Dominion and cause a terrible war in God’s holy Kingdom. Never forget that God’s mercy and grace have made us all we are. Every good and perfect gift comes from God; and has nothing to do with our possessions, prayer and fasting prowess, or affiliations.

Remember that there’s a part of the pride we need to destroy by ourselves. Humble yourselves, the Bible says in 1 Peter 5:6. God made Nebuchadnezzar an animal for seven years until he learnt humility; and He has dealt with many others as well.

Riches, fame, beauty, accomplishment; and every other thing people tend to pride themselves in can vanish away the very next moment. While we earnestly pray for Christ-like humility; we must cooperate with God’s work in our lives.

Pride begins from the heart, so we must pay attention to our thoughts and motives; and make sure they are in line with the nature of Jesus. Kill pride, and watch Him shower you with abundant grace beyond your imagination. Also kill pride because it can deprhive one of heaven.

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