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And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
-Romans 12:2

Our world is overwhelming. The unfamiliar occurs at such a dizzying speed that even the most organised of people can’t help but feel pressured. How can we thrive in the face of our present reality?

Your Atmosphere is Powerful

Atmosphere in this context is simply our current physical, mental, social and spiritual state. It is the nature of the aura surrounding these aspects of our lives.

The christian race can sometimes seem so daunting because we are called to live sin-free lives in a sin-filled world; to swim against the tide of its ideologies and fashions. Thus, achieving success at this and in all other aspects of life definitely requires a clear head. There is a strong need for us to pause our activities; take stock of how much clutter we’ve gathered into our atmospheres over time, and declutter them.

By clutter, I mean a pile of negative, irrelevant, and toxic ideas; mindsets, behaviours, habits; and even certain people, both physical and on the social media. We may count them precious or essential to our lives, and they might not even be outrightly wrong. Yet they weigh us down, drain us of the faith, focus; and passion to succeed at living for Jesus, and in our families, schools, professions; and businesses, relationships, and other aspects. So, the physical space can be neat, but the mind is chaotic.

Clutter comes onto our lives when we become careless about the things that make it past our five senses; which are the doorways to our atmosphere. They could be the songs we listen to, movies we watch, books we read, places we go; things we ingest, some things we possess, sites we expose ourselves to; and certain people we relate with. These things play a massive role in the type of lives we lead. We are, in short, the sum of the things that occupy our atmospheres.

Sanitize now!

Fortunately, these are things we have power over and can control. Lives, relationships, and prospects are damaged today because the clutter was tolerated; and the habits that generated them were sustained!
Be bold as a lion. Get busy sanitizing your life! Declutter all that needs to go!

There is a ton of music, books, movies, places; and people out there that radiate the glorious Light, Love and grace of God. They completely trump out those negative ones that seem to be all the rave these days.

Trust me, you aren’t missing out by staying away from these worldly toxins. What you are doing is building an unsinkable faith in God; stability, self-esteem, character, excellence and joy for yourself in a world that is tethering on the brink of collapse. This is how we renew our minds and become truly transformed.

Eliminate procrastination, beloved. Now is the acceptable time. Your courage will influence others to do same and be free. Declutter your life and make room for Jesus. Give Him your full atmosphere, and watch Him create a wonder out of your life.

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