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This close to the end

We are this close to the end! Matthew 24:14 says, “And this gospel off the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.

Saying that we live in strange times would be a massive understatement. At the start of 2020, with all the huge smiles and bright prospects; hardly anyone expected the line-up of tragedies that transformed our world so irrevocably. In 2021, the mission for many is to salvage pieces of their lives; and adapt enough to make actual progress.

Prophecies aged thousands of years are coming to fulfilment one after another at a staggering speed. The very fact that we are alive in this day and age, witnessing all these things, is an act of mercy from God. He has spared our lives, and given us the advantage of time. But no one knows for how long.

The deafening call both to the believer and the unbeliever is to get it right with their Creator. These are not merely hard times that will soon blow over. This is the beginning of the very end of time!

Good News

I come with a message of selfless love and hope you most likely have heard countless times. Jesus stands with arms wide open. Surrender your life to Him, if you haven’t already. If you have, and stumbled away at some point, run back to Him. Ignore whatever pride, shame, guilt, or fear that has held you back. These are instruments of Satan to keep you confined in his prison cell and away from the only One that can truly help you.

If you’ve given your life to Him, wake up and re-consecrate. Pray harder than you ever have. Trust Him more than you ever have. No matter what’s going on or what isn’t, stay with Him.
Eternity is not a matter of 10 years. A hundred thousand years has only just removed a single drop from the ocean of eternity. Jesus is coming soon is an understatement, beloved. Forever and ever is too long a time to burn. He is coming, He already stands at the gates, whether we believe it or not.

Way Out

This close to the end, our task is simple: stay. Stay in Christ. Remain in Him. The kingdom of darkness is frothing with rage, using vicious weapons of unbelief; comfort, discouragement, ambition, sickness, poverty, discontent, fear, etc. If any of these come at you, let them only serve to push you to the saviour; not away from Him. He is the Solution, the giver of true peace, joy and abundance, both here and in eternity.

Just like deliverance was guaranteed only for those that stayed put in Noah’s ark; Rahab’s house in Jericho, and Paul’s ship on the way to Rome; deliverance is only guaranteed for those who commit their lives to Christ. Put all their faith in Him and remain in Him until the end. This very moment is all we are sure of. The next second could be that end. We are this close to the end!

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