Deliverance and Translation
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Deliverance and Translation

Salvation (Deliverance and translation) is a free gift of God, we cannot earn it. This in turn has affected how people react or treat this gift. Some sees it as a hit and run thing. Where they just got the luck and move on without the understanding of what it has done for them.

Paul in his epistle to the Colossians talked about two experiences of salvation. Reminding his readers to meditate and as well appreciate God for what He has done for them. Knowledge is very important in order to live a victorious Christian life. Because failure to under what Christ has done for us will rob us of our freedom in Him.

He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son,

Colossians 1:13

Deliverance Experience

This is a done deal, He has delivered us. There is no room for bargaining or further analysis Jesus has delivered us, thus says His word. We were once in the domain of Satan (darkness) been led by his biddings. Until the day star arose and we approached the light. That day we got our deliverance and this is a positional truth. Many might in their hearts be like “is this really true? But my situations do not say so” Yes it is true. But your situation doesn’t determine how true the word of God is. Rather the word of God should determine what your situation ought to be. Practice your position.

This deliverance is all encompassing. Jesus delivered us from the tyranny of darkness in our spirit, soul and body. This means we are no longer in any aspect subject to the darkness. He has power but no authority. When Adam fell, right was given to Satan to rule over mankind. It has ceased from functioning over those who have given their lives to Christ.


God did not just saved us to leave us on our own. He delivered us to translate or transfer us into another kingdom, the kingdom of His dear Son. We have been translated into the original life God planned for man. Which is a life in Christ filled with the spirit of Christ. Now we can reign on earth rather than being ruled by the tyranny of the darkness.

Salvation is deliverance from the land of darkness in which we were born by our earthly parents. It is translation into the kingdom of Jesus which we entered into when we gave our lives to Him. If a man has not experienced these two things he should check himself again and do the needful.

We were once in darkness when we were without Christ, our emotions and experiences were subject to the rule of darkness, shouldn’t we thank God for His unspeakable gift of salvation which we did nothing to earn?.

Our positions in Christ is real. Christ has delivered us from the curse of the law which came as a result of sin. Now we have the life of His kingdom which is peace. Deliverance and translation is what we experience in salvation.

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