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Most Precious

And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.
-(Jeremiah 29:13)

History is rife with accounts of how precious stones and metals influenced many into quests. That are not half as exotic as the movies have made them out to be. In reality, they were wild, bloody affairs, fueled by ambition. And desperation. It’s ridiculous what people did because of it. Needless to say, heads and hearts rolled because of these fervent hunts.

It paints quite the picture: people clutching well-worn maps in trembling finger prowling remote vicinities. Keeping their senses peeled for anything that meant they had found hidden treasure. Having a good amount of them translated into wealth, influence, status, and fame. It still does today.

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How different this world would be if all of mankind sought after God with equal passion! Isn’t the One that thought out their beauty and value. And then painstakingly created them far more precious than all of them everywhere put together? Don’t be content with just the bread and butter and comforts He can give. Go for something much greater and rewarding: His heart. Like all precious things, It is carefully hidden and must be intentionally sought after.

Our God is perfect, and so is everything about Him. His faithfulness has no expiry date. This is a fact we must never forget. In the face of what appears like delay to answers to prayers; getting angry at God is a terrible mistake. The first step is to thoroughly confirm that we aren’t breaking our end of the bargain. Because His own side is always intact. We need to check for the presence of sin of any kind or size and promptly return to Calvary.

Stay, Wait, Find

Afterwards, what we need the most is the virtue of patience, and the grace for perseverance. Nobody seeks out priceless treasure and finds it by getting frustrated. And storming off after the first hour, and neither should you. It sometimes takes those that do years upon years. But the magnitude of what they’re seeking and the rewards it will bring is like fire in their veins that keeps propelling them, regardless of the seeming endless wait. Some of them keep seeking even until their last breaths, and still don’t find it.

Beloved, the beautiful thing about our situation is that we are moving with much more assurance than just mere chance and blind faith. God has guaranteed us that we will find Him undeniably. But only when we seek Him with all our hearts.

The most amazing part is that He actually wants us to truly and fully find Him; so He doesn’t give up on us. He keeps presenting legit clues to HHimself. And giving us the strength to go on when we seem drained of life. All we have to do is keep on trusting and obeying Him with unyielding perseverance. And we will find Him: the most precious of all, and the key to all other precious things. It’s only a matter of time.

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