Mustard seeds faith
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Mustard seed faith

Mustard seed faith …for verily I say unto you, if ye have faith as a grain of mustard seeds, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.
-Matthew 17:20

Faith is so powerful; it can create something out of nothing. The Bible and the world around us are replete with astounding accounts of how simple; but rugged and unrelenting belief in God has accomplished extraordinary feats in the lives of people.

Through faith, people split seas, healed dreadful diseases, raised the dead, defeated terrible enemies; obtained inexplicable provisions, emerged from impossible situations without so much as a scratch, and much more.
Faith is radical. How do you suppose Abraham’s family reacted when he gathered his wife; and properties and began a journey to an unknown destination because he heard a Voice that told him to? It hardly makes any sense to the unbelieving world, but the results tell eventually.

A Simple Route

Jesus Christ is simply perfect. He knew that as human beings, it could sometimes be so difficult to have faith; especially when the clock is ticking fast and the problem at hand is so enormous; deliverance seems totally impossible. So he didn’t ask for faith as big as a mountain; which is the kind of faith we usually assume these people with awesome results possessed.

He asked for the level of faith simple enough for even the ‘weakest’ to come up with: the kind the size of a mustard seed, so tiny it is almost invisible and weightless. He is willing to work with this to achieve His purpose; and perform mighty signs and wonders in in our lives. Our mustard seed faith will move the mountains that challenge our lives. These people with staggering testimonies started with mustard seed faith and stuck to it until it became as enormous as a mountain.

What has God said to you through His word, His prophets, or personal revelations? Believe every single word of it! You don’t need to know how on earth it will happen. That’s God’s business, and because He is Omnipotent; you can be rest assured that He will fulfil all His promises without fail.

Believe God!

Throw fear and self-pity in the garbage where they belong. Trust Him with all your heart and soul, both for the small and the big things. Be intentional about it. Set your face like a flint and keep going. When doubt tries to creep in, crush it immediately. Repeat His promises aloud over and over again so that your entire being, demons, principalities and powers around can hear and take note!

Make unwavering declarations of faith about every single aspect of your life; and don’t ever stop until you see their fulfilment. Wipe your tears, beloved. God has not forgotten or forsaken you. He loves you so much. He wants you to have all things glorious and remain victorious until the end. Your mustard seed faith in Him makes all the difference.

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