Bible Game

Bible Game

You probably play an online Bible quiz game when you come across one. But how about being intentional about playing one daily? Not only will it be fun, you will know a lot of Bible stories and passages. There are many reasons for playing the game but this article will discuss five key reasons for playing the online Bible quiz game daily.

Confidence in your knowledge of the word of God

Bible in handWhen you get many or all questions in a Bible quiz correct, your confidence in knowing God’s word skyrockets. If this happens daily, you’ll be over the moon wanting to share your results with everyone who cares to listen. Your win confirms you know your Bible well. It motivates you to contribute more in conversations where people are discussing the Scriptures.

Getting questions right uplifts your mood

You may not have noticed but a high score in a Bible quiz uplifts your mood. Getting most or all answers right comes with a thrill that leaves you on a high long after the game. What better way is there to uplift your spirit than the word of God? A daily dose of God’s word is food for your spirit.

Retaining the knowledge over the long term

Praying on BibleDo you notice how much of a Bible verse or story you remember after playing a Bible Game? One new piece of information will spur you to read the rest of the passage and you will remember it from then henceforth. Imagine how much more of the Bible you can remember by playing the game daily.

Identifying your Bible knowledge gaps

Playing the online Bible quiz daily will reveal any Bible knowledge gaps you have. You’ll see the areas of the Bible you don’t know well and you can read them during your quiet time with the Lord. It will be clear to you which stories you prefer to read and which ones you neglect. In store for you will be new treasures of wisdom in God’s word.

Training your mind to meditate on God’s word daily

Meditating on God’s word daily will help you understand it and know how to apply the principles in your life. A Bible quiz will keep you focused on the Scriptures every day. They will be at the top of your mind throughout the day. A lot of the questions you encounter will leave you with thoughts of what certain Bible verses mean. Now you have five key reasons to play the online Bible quiz game daily.

Why is it essential to read the Bible daily?

Faith in mustard seedWhen the devil tempted Jesus to turn stones into bread, Jesus responded by saying a man can’t live on bread alone but by God’s word (Matthew 4:3-4). We can’t live a life that pleases God if we don’t live by his word. Meditating on God’s word daily means you read the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s will in the passage you are reading. Daily Bible reading grows your faith and gets you closer to God. When you know him, it becomes easy to obey him. Enjoy the Bible quiz game today and let it challenge your knowledge of the word of God. It is a good way to focus on God as you go about your day. Join the biblical fun today!

The quiz is not only fun but resourceful in helping you grow in your faith, which comes by hearing - by the word of God (Romans 10:17). It makes it easy for you to get in more of the word of God into your spirit. When you make it a daily affair, you will long to know more of the Bible and deepen your relationship with God. Get your daily dose of the Bible quiz today.

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Antal Farkas
(February 25, 2020)

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