Bible Games

Bible Games

Once you play the Bible quiz, you’ll want to play more. Time flies when you are doing something you enjoy, and a quiz is no exception. I’m sure you want to have enough time to play a full game before you get back to work. This article discusses the four best times when you can play the Bible games.

During a break

Jesus on a signDuring your breaks, you can opt to play the Bible games instead of scrolling through social media. Whether it’s a tea or lunch break, you can complete at least one quiz. If you work from home, the quiz can be a good way to take a break from work. Breaks mean you have time to kill and what better way to do so than with a Bible quiz. If you have a long break, you can answer the questions and have time to check the Bible references provided. This will be a Bible study that will leave you refreshed as you get back to your duties.

When waiting for someone

Walking on open BibleIf the person you are waiting for is taking a long time to come, get busy with a Bible quiz. It will take away any frustration you feel at the delay in the other’s arrival. Instead of pacing up and down, looking around or scrolling through social media, enjoy God’s word. Once the person arrives, you may find that the Bible quiz is a good conversation starter and opportunity to evangelize.

Waiting times do not have to be boring, you can keep yourself busy and learn something new from the Bible at the same time.

Before bedtime

After a long hard day at work, you want to get home and relax and forget the troubles of the day. Before you prepare to get into bed, your mind is quiet, and it is a good time to take a Bible quiz. The benefit of taking one before bedtime is that you will sleep meditating on the Bible verses you encountered in the quiz.

In a quiet evening, you have the added advantage of taking your time to read the Bible further as you seek more answers. Take this time to think about how to increase your Bible knowledge.

Time set apart for the Bible games

Bible studyThis is the best of them all. Have a set time when you can play the Bible quiz. It’s a time when you have prepared your mind for the quiz and meditating on God’s word. Your focus can be on God and what he is speaking to you. Quiz time can refresh you when you get answers to questions that are troubling you about a certain character or passage in the Bible.

God is always speaking to us and a quiz is one of the ways he speaks. Different people have their best times for taking a Bible quiz. Do you have a best time to play the Bible games? Please share with us. Don’t forget to play the Bible quiz.

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Antal Farkas
(February 25, 2020)

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