1Samuel Bible Quiz

At the moment we have 59 questions from this book.

We have limited the questions to 25.

  1. How did Saul persuade the people of Israel to fight against Nahash the Ammonite? If someone doesn't fight, then...

  2. Where was Goliath from?

  3. How many stones did David collect for his battle against Goliath?

  4. Which woman's husband's name means that he is a worthless fellow?

  5. Who grew up alongside Eli?

  6. What did Saul do when David went to fight against Goliath?

  7. How old was Eli when he died?

  8. The Philistines defeated Israel and took the Ark of the Covenant. How long did they have it for?

  9. Whose womb was closed by God and was troubled in spirit?

  10. Why did David not kill Saul?

  11. Who did Saul command first to kill the priests of Nob?

  12. Eli the priest had two sons. What were their names?

  13. Where was King David born?

  14. Who did his mother make a little robe for every year?

  15. Who was David's wife and Saul's daughter?

  16. Which of the following is well known for being tall?

  17. How many people did Jonathan and his armour-bearer kill at their first strike?

  18. In which direction did the cows transporting the Ark of the Covenant go, when the Philistines released them back to Israel?

  19. Who was the son of King Saul?

  20. What was the name of Abigail's first husband?

  21. Whose weapons were taken away while he was sleeping?

  22. Which false god fell face down before the Ark of the Covenant?

  23. Whose wife said that his husband is sick when others wanted to kill him?

  24. With what weapon was Goliath defeated?

  25. What is the name of the cave, where David hid from Saul?

1Samuel Bible Quiz

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