Questions from the book of 1Timothy

At the moment we have 11 questions from this book.

  1. Why did Paul ask Timothy not to leave when he was going to Macedonia?

  2. How many things did Paul say should be made for all people according to 1Timothy?

  3. Who said that he is the foremost of sinners?

  4. Where did Paul ask Timothy to remain according to 1Timothy?

  5. In his greeting in 1Timothy, what did Paul call Timothy?

  6. With what did the grace of our Lord overflow for Paul according to 1Timothy?

  7. Where does the love which is Paul's aim of charge issues from?

  8. According to 1Timothy, why did Christ Jesus come into the world?

  9. What do myths and endless genealogies promote?

  10. According to 1Timothy, why did Paul hand some people over to Satan?

  11. Who did Paul hand over to Satan?