Questions from the book of 2Chronicles

At the moment we have 11 questions from this book.

  1. How many talents of gold did Solomon acquire per year?

  2. How many talents of gold did the queen of Sheba bring as a gift to Solomon?

  3. Which king had a disease of the feet?

  4. On whose forehead did leprosy break out while he was in the house of the Lord?

  5. What was NOT brought down from Tarshish by Solomon's ships every three years?

  6. Which animals did the queen of Sheba use to carry many expensive gifts to Solomon?

  7. How did people value silver during Solomon's time?

  8. Which king became leprous?

  9. How many of the queen of Sheba's questions could Solomon answer to?

  10. Where did Solomon start building the temple?

  11. How many talents of gold was used to cover the temple's Most Holy Place?

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