Questions from the book of 2Corinthians

At the moment we have 17 questions from this book.

  1. According to 2Corinthians, in what does God always leads us in Christ?

  2. According to Paul, what does the letter do?

  3. How many times was Paul shipwrecked?

  4. According to 2Corinthians, why did Paul want to come to the Corinthians first?

  5. From which city did Paul escape in a basket?

  6. According to 2Corinthians, what did all the promises of God find in Jesus Christ?

  7. According to 2Corinthians, what are we to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing?

  8. How many times was Paul stoned?

  9. How did Paul want the Corinthians to help himself and his team on their missionary works in 2Corinthians?

  10. Why did Paul refrain from coming to Corinth again?

  11. Who received 39 lashes from the Jews five times?

  12. What did God give us in our hearts as a guarantee according to 2Corinthians?

  13. Who had a thorn in his flesh?

  14. What does the spirit gives according to Paul?

  15. Which heaven was Paul caught up to in his vision?

  16. Through whom is the veil that remained unlifted when they read the old convenant taken away?

  17. Who escaped Damascus by being let down in a basket through an opening in the wall?