Questions from the book of 2Timothy

At the moment we have 10 questions from this book.

  1. What did Paul admonish Timothy to share in by the power of God?

  2. Why did God call us to a holy calling according to the book of 2Timothy?

  3. Who left Paul because he was in love with this present world?

  4. According to 2Timothy, which spirit did God not give us?

  5. Who did Paul leave in Miletus because that person was ill?

  6. Who was the mother of Timothy?

  7. What did Paul remind Timothy to fan into flame?

  8. According to 2Timothy, what did the appearing of Christ Jesus bring to light through the gospel?

  9. Who did Paul not say he was appointed to be through the gospel according to 2Timothy?

  10. Who was the grandmother of Timothy?