Questions from the book of Esther

At the moment we have 17 questions from this book.

  1. Who was Abihail to Mordecai?

  2. Who refused to come at the king's command?

  3. How long did Esther spend preparing herself to meet the king?

  4. Who was married to Queen Esther?

  5. Which king gave Haman permission to destroy the Jews?

  6. Who was in charge of the concubines in the book of Esther?

  7. What was done to the men that sought to lay hands on king Ahasuerus?

  8. Who were the eunuchs who sought to lay hands on king Ahasuerus?

  9. Where was Esther put after been taken into the king's palace?

  10. Who gave king Ahasuerus a pleasing advice after queen Vashti refusal?

  11. Who was the king of Judah with whom Mordecai was carried away captive?

  12. How many sons of Haman were hanged by Ahasuerus?

  13. Over how many provinces did King Ahasuerus rule?

  14. Who was Esther's father?

  15. How much did Haman purpose to pay into the hands of those who have charge of the king's business if the king decreed that the Jews be destroyed?

  16. For how many days did king Ahasuerus show the riches, splendor and pomp of his kingdom?

  17. Who was Mordecai?