Questions from the book of Exodus

At the moment we have 87 questions from this book.

We have limited the questions to 25.

  1. For how long was Moses kept hidden by his parents?

  2. Which commandment forbids adultery?

  3. On which mountain did Moses see the burning bush?

  4. Who did the Lord order to pierce their ears?

  5. How many years was Aaron older than Moses?

  6. Who said, “A bridegroom of blood!”?

  7. Who listened to his father-in-law's suggestion?

  8. Why did Moses name his first son “Gershom”?

  9. Which was the 7th plague to strike Egypt?

  10. What was the first miracle God performed for Moses?

  11. Who was Moses' father-in-law?

  12. On the mountain, who held up Moses' hands so that Joshua could defeat Amalek's army?

  13. Who was the master craftsman for the work on the tabernacle?

  14. Which commandment forbids false witnessing?

  15. Which was the 6th plague to strike Egypt?

  16. How old was Moses when he spoke to Pharaoh to set Israel free?

  17. Which was the 10th plague to strike Egypt?

  18. Why did Moses escape to the land of the Midianites?

  19. For what did the sons of Israel have to ask the Egyptians before the exodus?

  20. What was the third miracle God performed for Moses?

  21. Who did Moses help at Midian's well and why?

  22. How did God lead the Israelites by night?

  23. Who asked Pharaoh's daughter to call a nurse to breastfeed the infant Moses?

  24. During Moses' time, how many men above the age of 20 were counted (excluding the Levites)?

  25. What was the second miracle God performed for Moses?