Exodus Bible Quiz

At the moment we have 87 questions from this book.

We have limited the questions to 25.

  1. Who asked Pharaoh's daughter to call a nurse to breastfeed the infant Moses?

  2. Moses helped the Israelites escape from which country?

  3. Who listened to his father-in-law's suggestion?

  4. What happened to the manna which was kept for the following day (except on the Sabbath)?

  5. For what did the sons of Israel have to ask the Egyptians before the exodus?

  6. Who was “slow of speech and of tongue”?

  7. How did Pharaoh oppress the Hebrews after Moses asked him, for the first time, to let them go?

  8. What was Moses found doing among the reeds in his basket, when he was 3 months old?

  9. What was the name of the first son born to Moses?

  10. Could Pharaoh's magicians mimic the plague of frogs, that the Lord brought upon Egypt?

  11. For how long did Israel eat manna?

  12. What was engraved on the plate of pure gold upon Aaron's turban?

  13. What did the priests use to make decisions?

  14. How did God lead the Israelites by night?

  15. What did the new Pharaoh decree in order to stop the Israelites from multiplying?

  16. Why did Pharaoh's daughter name the child “Moses”, whom she found in the riverbank?

  17. Which rock did Moses strike to make water come out of it?

  18. Who made the bitter water of Marah drinkable, and how was this done?

  19. What was the second miracle God performed for Moses?

  20. What did Moses do with the first set of stone tablets?

  21. What were the cherubims on the mercy seat made of?

  22. Who was Aaron's wife?

  23. Who was secretly looking out for Moses, while he was among the reeds?

  24. Which was the 7th plague to strike Egypt?

  25. How many people left Egypt on foot, only counting the men?

Exodus Bible Quiz

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