Questions from the book of Exodus

At the moment we have 87 questions from this book.

We have limited the questions to 25.

  1. Whom did Moses kill, and why?

  2. What did the priests use to make decisions?

  3. Why was the new Pharaoh afraid of the Israelites?

  4. Which four people are the sons of Israel (Jacob)?

  5. Who named Moses?

  6. How many precious stones were mounted on the priest's breastpiece?

  7. What did the people of Israel have to put on their door frames, so that the Angel of Death would pass over them?

  8. For how long did Israel eat manna?

  9. When could the people go up to Mount Sinai, after the Lord descended upon it?

  10. Who asked Pharaoh's daughter to call a nurse to breastfeed the infant Moses?

  11. Which commandment forbids adultery?

  12. Moses helped the Israelites escape from which country?

  13. Who was “slow of speech and of tongue”?

  14. What was the first miracle God performed for Moses?

  15. Which plague of Moses and Aaron could the magicians not mimic?

  16. Who did the Lord order to pierce their ears?

  17. Who was Moses' father?

  18. Which tribe did Aaron the high priest come from?

  19. How old was Moses when he spoke to Pharaoh to set Israel free?

  20. During Moses' time, how many men above the age of 20 were counted (excluding the Levites)?

  21. For how long was Moses kept hidden by his parents?

  22. How many times did Moses draw water from a rock?

  23. What were the cherubims on the mercy seat made of?

  24. Who was Moses' wife?

  25. Could Pharaoh's magicians mimic the plague of frogs, that the Lord brought upon Egypt?

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