Questions from the book of Joel

At the moment we have 10 questions from this book.

  1. According to Joel 2, who shall dream dreams?

  2. Who was Joel?

  3. According to the book of Joel, how shall the day of the Lord come?

  4. According to Joel, how did the Lord react from Zion?

  5. What did the Lord call the swarming locust, hopper, destroyer and the cutter in the second chapter of the book of Joel?

  6. Why were they asked to put in the sickle in the book of Joel?

  7. What shall the moon be turned to before the great and awesome day of the Lord according to the book of Joel?

  8. In the book of Joel, where did the Lord say He will sit to judge the surrounding nations?

  9. According to Joel, what should the weak say?

  10. What has eaten what the cutting locust has left?