Questions from the book of John

At the moment we have 41 questions from this book.

We have limited the questions to 25.

  1. Who was Mary and Martha's brother?

  2. Who was Nicodemus?

  3. Who told the servants to do whatever Jesus tells them to do?

  4. Which disciple brought the boy with five loaves and two fish to Jesus?

  5. Who said that Lazarus will have an odour?

  6. In which river did Jesus baptize?

  7. Who did Mary think the gardener was?

  8. Who carried the moneybag among the 12 disciples of Jesus?

  9. Who had a seamless garment?

  10. They cast lots for it as they didn't want to tear it?

  11. In John's gospel, we read about Jesus writing on something. What did he write on?

  12. What was the name of the slave whose ear Peter cut off?

  13. What is the meaning of Siloam's pool?

  14. “Are you the teacher of Israel and yet you do not understand these things?” Who was Jesus referring to?

  15. Who did Jesus refer to when he said that there is no deceit within him?

  16. How many husbands did the Samaritan woman who talked with Jesus have?

  17. What was the colour of the robe placed on Jesus?

  18. According to Jesus, who “bears much fruit”?

  19. Where did Lazarus (who was resurrected by Jesus) live?

  20. Where did Jesus turn water into wine?

  21. Who did Jesus call happy after His resurrection?

  22. Whom did Jesus call the “Comforter” or “Helper”?

  23. How long did the Jews tell Jesus it took to build the temple?

  24. Who was resurrected 4 days after they had died?

  25. “In the beginning was ____ and ____ was with God and ____ was God.” (Fill in the blanks)