John Bible Quiz

At the moment we have 41 questions from this book.

We have limited the questions to 25.

  1. For how long was the man an invalid before Jesus cured him at the pool of Bethesda?

  2. Who argued with Jesus about washing his feet?

  3. How many husbands did the Samaritan woman who talked with Jesus have?

  4. Who did Mary think the gardener was?

  5. Jesus said, “If you love me, you will ......” (Fill in the blank)

  6. Where did Jesus turn water into wine?

  7. What was the name of the slave whose ear Peter cut off?

  8. “In the beginning was ____ and ____ was with God and ____ was God.” (Fill in the blanks)

  9. Who went to Jesus during the night?

  10. How many times did Jesus ask Peter if he loved him?

  11. Who said that Lazarus will have an odour?

  12. In John's gospel, we read about Jesus writing on something. What did he write on?

  13. Who told the servants to do whatever Jesus tells them to do?

  14. Who was Nicodemus?

  15. According to Jesus, who “bears much fruit”?

  16. Who did Jesus refer to when he said that there is no deceit within him?

  17. Whose second name was Cephas?

  18. After following Jesus' instruction, how many fish were caught?

  19. Which of the disciples told Nathanael that they had found the Messiah?

  20. They cast lots for it as they didn't want to tear it?

  21. Whom did Jesus call the “Comforter” or “Helper”?

  22. What was the colour of the robe placed on Jesus?

  23. Where did Lazarus (who was resurrected by Jesus) live?

  24. Who carried the moneybag among the 12 disciples of Jesus?

  25. Who had a seamless garment?

John Bible Quiz

This book holds a special place in the Bible's rich tapestry, and what better way to dive into its teachings than with a John Bible Quiz? This quiz offers a unique opportunity to test your knowledge, explore its verses, and gain a deeper understanding of this profound biblical text.

John Bible Quiz is not just a game; it's a journey into the heart of this Bible. With questions that challenge and inspire, you can engage with the text in a whole new way. Whether you're a seasoned theologian or a beginner on your spiritual path, the John Bible Quiz offers insights and revelations for everyone.

Incorporate the John Bible Quiz into your Bible study sessions, Sunday school classes, or even as a personal exploration of faith. By taking the quiz, you can unlock the wisdom contained within this book and enrich your spiritual journey. So, why not embark on this enlightening adventure today? Take the John Bible Quiz and let its teachings illuminate your path.

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