Questions from the book of Joshua

At the moment we have 24 questions from this book.

  1. Where was Joshua buried?

  2. How many spies hid at Rahab's house?

  3. Where did the Moon stop at the word of Joshua?

  4. How old was Caleb when Moses sent him and Joshua, to spy out the land?

  5. Who tied a scarlet cord in their window to ensure no harm would come to them when Israel attacked?

  6. Who took from the spoils dedicated to the Lord which resulted in Israel's defeat?

  7. Who inherited the land of Hebron when the sons of Israel settled down?

  8. How many times did the sons of Israel march around Jericho before the walls collapsed?

  9. Who became allies with Israel by deceiving them with a lie?

  10. How old was Joshua when he died?

  11. Where was Achan put to death?

  12. Through which river did Joshua and his people walk through without getting wet?

  13. What did Joshua build on Mount Ebal?

  14. What did Joshua do after the Israelites crossed over the Jordan?

  15. How many spies did Joshua send to spy out the city of Jericho?

  16. Where were Joseph's bones buried?

  17. What wasn't stolen by Akan?

  18. Which city's walls collapsed on the 7th day?

  19. What was Rahab's occupation?

  20. Where did Rahab hide the spies?

  21. Hebron is a ...... (Fill in the blank)

  22. Where did the Sun stop at the word of Joshua?

  23. How did God kill the Amorites in Israel for Joshua and the Israelites?

  24. It is written in the book of Joshua that at his word the sun stopped. Which other book mentions this event?