Questions from the book of Micah

At the moment we have 10 questions from this book.

  1. According to Micah, who gives judgment for a bribe?

  2. From where shall come forth a ruler in Israel according to Micah whose coming forth is from old?

  3. According to Micah, what shall go forth from Zion?

  4. What will split open when the Lord comes out of His place according to Micah?

  5. In the book of Micah, to where shall all her carved images, wages and idols return?

  6. According to Micah, what will the Lord make the horn of daughter of Zion?

  7. What shall go down on the prophets according to Micah?

  8. According to Micah, what does the Lord require?

  9. According to Micah, what did the Lord say He will make Samaria?

  10. In the days of how many kings did the word of the Lord come to Micah?