Questions from the book of Zechariah

At the moment we have 10 questions from this book.

  1. What was the man prophet Zechariah saw in the night vision riding on?

  2. What was all flesh asked to do before the Lord according to the book of Zechariah?

  3. How many craftsmen did prophet Zechariah see?

  4. How many horns did prophet Zechariah see when he lifted up his eyes?

  5. What was the length and width of the flying scroll in the book of Zechariah?

  6. What did the Lord promise His cities will overflow with according to Zechariah?

  7. What will be the shout when the top stone is being brought forward according to Zechariah?

  8. What did the Lord return to Jerusalem with according to the book of Zechariah?

  9. Who was the father of prophet Zechariah?

  10. What was the man that prophet Zechariah saw in his vision has in his hand?