Level 64 - True or False

4 New Testament and 6 Old Testament Questions.

  1. Enoch lived 132 years before God took him.

  2. Aaron was 72 years old when he spoke to Pharaoh.

  3. Samson was the next judge after Abimelech.

  4. Saul set up a monument for himself on Mount Ebal.

  5. Saul killed the Gibeonites.

  6. Nebuchadnezzar saw 5 men in the fiery furnace.

  7. The Pharisees showed Jesus the buildings of the Temple.

  8. John the Baptist's parents were both unrighteous before God.

  9. The son of Paul's sister heard about an ambush against Paul.

  10. In the book of Revelation, John saw a door standing open in heaven.

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