Level 73 - True or False

4 New Testament and 6 Old Testament Questions.

  1. Abraham was circumcised when he was 75 years old.

  2. Abraham gave Hagar a skin of wine when he sent her away.

  3. Moses defended Jethro's 3 daughters from robbers.

  4. Samuel gave David his armor, sword, bow and belt.

  5. The King of Moab offered his son as a burnt offering on the wall.

  6. Jeremiah bought a field from his cousin.

  7. Once when Jesus taught in the synagogue He encountered a man with an unclean spirit.

  8. Pilate sent Jesus to Herod.

  9. Paul was taken to the Areopagus.

  10. In the book of Revelation, John saw a man clothed with the sun.

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