25 Questions - Bible Hard Questions

  1. Which is the longest psalm in the book of Psalms?

  2. In whose bag was Joseph's cup found?

  3. A prophet asked a fellow prophet to strike him but he didn't, so what was his fate?

  4. Which king ordered a living child to be cut in half in order to determine the child's mother?

  5. Who carried the moneybag among the 12 disciples of Jesus?

  6. Who was Moses' wife?

  7. Who was Ishmael's father?

  8. Who was Onesimus' owner?

  9. Who asked Pilate for Jesus' body?

  10. Which strangely coloured heifer is referred to in the Bible?

  11. Who was Cornelius?

  12. Where did Jesus meet Zacchaeus?

  13. Who was sent away with some bread and a skin of water?

  14. Paul was delivered to Italy under the supervision of a centurion. How many persons were aboard this ship?

  15. Eighteen people died when a tower collapsed. Where did this happen?

  16. Where did Tabitha (whose name means Dorcas) live?

  17. In which city were the disciples called Christians for the first time?

  18. Who foretold that there would be a great famine all over the world?

  19. A woman swept her entire house to find just one of how many silver coins?

  20. Who said that he is the foremost of sinners?

  21. Philip, Andrew, Stephen and James. Who is the odd one out?

  22. Whose vineyard did Jezebel take by putting the owner to death by the false testimony of two worthless fellows?

  23. Who laid his hands on Saul/Paul to restore his sight?

  24. How old was Noah when the floodwaters came upon the earth?

  25. How many days did Elijah take to travel to Horeb where he neither ate nor drank?

Bible Hard Questions

Bible Hard Questions are like a compass for the curious seeker and a crucible for the faithful. These thought-provoking queries challenge your understanding of scripture, encouraging you to dive deeper into your faith.

Bible Hard Questions aren't your typical inquiries; they're the gateway to profound insights. They serve as a mirror, reflecting the complexity and depth of the Bible's teachings. When you engage with Bible Hard Questions, you're embarking on a journey of exploration, growth, and spiritual maturation.

Incorporate these questions into your study routine, group discussions, or personal reflection. They provide a unique opportunity to grapple with the intricate aspects of faith and scripture. So, why not embrace the challenge? Dive into the questions, and let them be your guide on the path to a deeper, more nuanced understanding of your faith.

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