Questions from the book of 1Kings

At the moment we have 40 questions from this book.

We have limited the questions to 25.

  1. Which of Solomon's brothers rivalled him as heir to the throne?

  2. For how long did Solomon rule over all Israel?

  3. How many days did Elijah take to travel to Horeb where he neither ate nor drank?

  4. Who made an ivory throne overlaid with gold?

  5. What did the widow make for Elijah?

  6. By which sea was the city where Solomon built his ships?

  7. Which king provided the wood used to build Solomon's temple?

  8. Which prophet ate and drank where he wasn't allowed to?

  9. A prophet asked a fellow prophet to strike him but he didn't, so what was his fate?

  10. Who was slain while holding the horns of the altar in front of the tabernacle?

  11. Where did Elijah kill the prophets of Baal?

  12. Which king's hand shrivelled up?

  13. How many songs did Solomon write?

  14. Which King took possession of Naboth's vineyard?

  15. Who buried a prophet in his own grave?

  16. Which of the prophets sent his servant seven times to look for the clouds in the sky?

  17. Whom did the queen of Sheba travel to see?

  18. What young virgin kept the aged King David warm?

  19. Who killed his brother because he wanted a wife for himself?

  20. He woke up under a tree and found an angel had cooked food for him?

  21. What were the names of the two pillars Solomon set up in the temple?

  22. Who was king after Solomon?

  23. How did the Lord appear to Elijah?

  24. How many proverbs did Solomon write?

  25. Whose vineyard did Jezebel take by putting the owner to death by the false testimony of two worthless fellows?