1Peter Bible Quiz

At the moment we have 11 questions from this book.

  1. With what were the beloved ransomed from the futile ways they inherited from their forefathers according to the book of 1Peter?

  2. Why should the beloved be subject to every human institution according to the book of 1Peter?

  3. In how many cities were the elect exiles dispersed to whom apostle Peter wrote his epistle?

  4. How many people went into Noah's ark?

  5. With what did Peter urge the brethren to conduct themselves throughout the time of their exile if they call on God as a Father who judges impartially?

  6. What should the believers long for like newborn infants according to the book of 1Peter?

  7. Out of what has God called us into his marvelous light according to the book of 1Peter?

  8. Why are the emperor and governors sent by the Lord according to Apostle Peter?

  9. Which of the following cities is not among the cities the elect exiles were dispersed to whom apostle Peter wrote his epistle?

  10. What did Peter urge the beloved sojourners to abstain from that wage war again the soul?

  11. As obedient children, what did Peter admonish them not to be conformed to in his epistle?

1Peter Bible Quiz

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