Questions from the book of Genesis

At the moment we have 270 questions from this book.

We have limited the questions to 25.

  1. How many child(ren) did Hagar bear for Abraham?

  2. What was Eve's punishment for eating from the tree?

  3. How long did Adam live for?

  4. In whose lifetime did the people begin to call upon the name of the LORD?

  5. Which king took Sarah from Abraham for the second time?

  6. What did God leave to guard Eden after he exiled Adam and Eve?

  7. What happened to the third dove, which Noah sent out?

  8. Whose mother suggested that he disguise himself so that he/she can deceive his/her father?

  9. From which tree was Adam and Eve forbidden to eat?

  10. Who is the first drunk man we read about?

  11. On which day did God create sea creatures and winged birds?

  12. Which king brought wine and bread to Abraham?

  13. For how long did Joseph, son of Jacob live?

  14. Who saw a ladder in his dream that reached to heaven?

  15. How many people came along with Esau to visit Jacob, when Jacob was returning home?

  16. Why did Reuben not allow his brothers to kill Joseph?

  17. Off what did Noah get drunk?

  18. On which day did God create the creeping things and beasts of the earth?

  19. On which day did God create man?

  20. To whom did his father give a colourful robe because he loved him the most, which is why his brothers hated him?

  21. Where did the Lord confuse the language of the whole world?

  22. Who dreamt that they had carried three baskets on their head?

  23. How many times did Jacob bow down to the ground before he and Esau reconciled?

  24. How did Jacob bless the sons of Joseph? What displeased Joseph?

  25. Why did Potiphar send Joseph to prison after he had served him for so long?

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