Questions from the book of Genesis

At the moment we have 270 questions from this book.

We have limited the questions to 25.

  1. After the flood, how long did Noah live for?

  2. Which son of Abraham was born of Sarah?

  3. Which 4 rivers flowed from Eden?

  4. What was the meaning of the chief cupbearer's dream, which Joseph interpreted?

  5. Who was the first to eat from the forbidden fruit?

  6. Who was 13 years old when he was circumcised?

  7. How long did Jacob live in the land of Goshen (Egypt) for?

  8. When Jacob blessed Joseph, what did he compare Joseph to?

  9. Why did the Egyptians not eat with the Hebrews?

  10. What law did Joseph enforce concerning the harvest of Egypt?

  11. Whose mother suggested that he disguise himself so that he/she can deceive his/her father?

  12. Which king did Abraham form a covenant with?

  13. How many years was Esau older than Jacob?

  14. What sign from God did the servant ask for, when he had to find a wife for Isaac?

  15. What was Cain's occupation?

  16. What was the first thing that Noah built after the flood?

  17. What was Eve's punishment for eating from the tree?

  18. Who was Ishmael's brother?

  19. Which nation was Ishmael's wife from?

  20. How many people from the house of Jacob moved to Egypt?

  21. From whom did Abraham ask his servant NOT to find a wife for Isaac?

  22. On which day did God create sea creatures and winged birds?

  23. Why did God send two angels to Sodom?

  24. Who was Abraham's second son?

  25. Who was Isaac's wife?