Questions from the book of Lamentations

At the moment we have 11 questions from this book.

  1. When is it good for a man to bear the yoke?

  2. How did the writer of Lamentations say they get their bread?

  3. What did the soul of the writer of Lamentations say the Lord is?

  4. Who wrote the book of Lamentations?

  5. According to Lamentations, what did the hands of compassionate women do?

  6. According to Lamentations, who ruled over them?

  7. According to Lamentations, what should one wait quietly for?

  8. In Lamentations 2, what did the writer call to mind and made him to have hope?

  9. According to Lamentations, who did they say sinned and they bear the person's iniquities?

  10. According to Lamentations, what were the young men compelled to do and under what did boys stagger respectively?

  11. What did the writer of Lamentations ask the people to do for the lives of their children?