Questions from the book of Malachi

At the moment we have 10 questions from this book.

  1. What will be offered to the name of the Lord in every place according to Malachi?

  2. What did the Lord rebuke the people for bringing as offering according to Malachi?

  3. According to Malachi, who declared himself as a great King?

  4. According to Malachi, what does the Lord says the man who divorces his wife covers his garment with?

  5. According to the book of Malachi, what is the second thing the priest do?

  6. According to Malachi, what was the Lord seeking in the union of the priest and his wife?

  7. Who was the oracle of the Lord by prophet Malachi directed to?

  8. According to Malachi, after the the messenger purify the sons of Levi, in what will they bring offerings to the Lord?

  9. According to Malachi, to whom has the priest been faithless?

  10. What should the lips of a priest guard according to Malachi?