Questions from the book of Numbers

At the moment we have 33 questions from this book.

We have limited the questions to 25.

  1. At what age did the Levites fulfil their duties?

  2. Who was asked to curse Israel, but he could only bless them?

  3. What kind of animal questioned its owner for being beaten?

  4. Which fruit was carried by two people?

  5. Who was the mother of Aaron?

  6. How many cities of refuge were there in Israel as commanded by God?

  7. Balak built seven altars for Balaam. What did they offer on each one?

  8. How many elders did Moses appoint to help him in the wilderness?

  9. Which kingdom was ruled by Og?

  10. God said people would eat so much of this food that it would come out of their nostrils. Which food is it?

  11. Who led a rebellion against the authority of Moses and the ground swallowed them up?

  12. Where was Miriam buried?

  13. The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for how many years?

  14. Over which nation was Balak king?

  15. Who was made to drink water with dust in it?

  16. What pushed Balaam's foot against the wall?

  17. What was the fate of the person who gathered sticks on the Sabbath?

  18. Who became Moses' successor?

  19. What seed did Manna look like?

  20. Who pierced a man and a woman with a spear?

  21. According to God's law where could the unintentional manslayer flee?

  22. Which sons of Aaron died when they offered unauthorized fire before the Lord?

  23. Which kind of bird was given to the Israelites in the wilderness for food?

  24. What are the names of the first three sons of Judah?

  25. What food did the people of Israel demand from God during the exodus?