Questions from the book of Zephaniah

At the moment we have 10 questions from this book.

  1. According to Zephaniah, what did the Lord show forth every morning?

  2. Who was the great-grandfather of prophet Zephaniah?

  3. What was the first thing the Lord declared in the book of Zephaniah?

  4. What will the mighty man do on the great day of the Lord, according to Zephaniah?

  5. According to Zephaniah, from where shall the daughter of the dispersed ones bring offering to the Lord?

  6. Who was the father of prophet Zephaniah?

  7. According to Zephaniah, what will the Lord search Jerusalem with?

  8. In the book of Zephaniah, what will the Lord quiet His people by?

  9. Who declared "therefore wait for me" according to Zephaniah?

  10. What did the Lord say He will do concerning the speech of the people according to Zephaniah?