10 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. Who thrust a sword so deep into a fat king that the hilt went in as well?

  2. Which young man ran away naked after Jesus was captured?

  3. The work of the house of God in Jerusalem in the book of Ezra ceased until?

  4. What did the soul of the writer of Lamentations say the Lord is?

  5. Where did Paul return to after he went away into Arabia in the book of Galatians?

  6. Which priest collected money in a wooden box to repair the Temple?

  7. What did they exchange the glory of the immortal God for, according to the book of Romans?

  8. Which prophet foretold where Jesus would be born?

  9. According to the book of Colossians, by what did Jesus make peace in reconciling all things to himself?

  10. What did the Lord rebuke the people for bringing as offering according to Malachi?