20 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. How old was Abraham when he died?

  2. Who told his wife the source of his great strength?

  3. Who argued with Jesus about washing his feet?

  4. The sons of Israel pronounced the curses on Mount Ebal, but from where did they pronounce the blessings?

  5. Who did Paul advise to flee from youthful passions?

  6. Who laid his hands on Saul/Paul to restore his sight?

  7. Which is the second book written by Moses?

  8. Hebron is a ...... (Fill in the blank)

  9. Who had 70 sons?

  10. At what age did the Levites fulfil their duties?

  11. For how long did Joseph, son of Jacob live?

  12. Which bird did Noah let out of the ark first?

  13. On which mountain did Abraham have to sacrifice Isaac?

  14. How did Tamar escape execution when she was accused of prostitution?

  15. What dream did Jacob have, when he was on his way to Laban?

  16. Who buried Isaac?

  17. According to Isaiah 2, what won't the nations train for anymore?

  18. Which Roman ceasar commanded all the Jews to leave Rome?

  19. Who was the father of Isaiah?

  20. Who had his wages changed ten times?

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