20 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. Why did Ezra proclaim a fast?

  2. What was Paul's occupation?

  3. Which son of David rebelled against his father?

  4. What did Naomi ask the people to call her?

  5. By who did God speak to the fathers long ago according to the book of Hebrews?

  6. How many times did Jesus ask Peter if he loved him?

  7. Why did the Egyptians not eat with the Hebrews?

  8. Who heard bad news, then fell from his chair and died?

  9. How many living creatures were around the throne in the book of Revelation?

  10. Who saw a ladder in his dream that reached to heaven?

  11. Who was Isaac's wife?

  12. What happened after David defeated Goliath?

  13. What kind of bread did Ahimelech the priest give to David?

  14. What was the redeemer expected to do along with buying the field from Naomi?

  15. From which tribe was Paul/Saul?

  16. In whose bag was Joseph's cup found?

  17. What was Nehemiah's reaction to the report he heard about the walls of Jerusalem and its gates?

  18. What should be the brothers reactions when they meet trials of various kind according to the book of James?

  19. According to the book of Philippians, what did Paul say what happened to him serve to do?

  20. According to Obadiah, where shall the exiles of the host of people of Israel possess?