20 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. Who was the father of Isaac?

  2. Who wrote most of the book of Proverbs?

  3. Who was the oldest man ever to live?

  4. Who did God command to carry the ark of the covenant?

  5. Who was Deborah's husband?

  6. During Pentecost, upon how many people did the Holy Spirit descend?

  7. How old was Jesus when he stayed after the feast and he was only found three days later?

  8. Where did Joseph, Mary and Jesus flee to hide from Herod?

  9. Who said, “He put a new song in my mouth.”?

  10. Who had to wash seven times to be cured?

  11. For how many years was the paralyzed Aeneas in bed?

  12. Who was seen while she was bathing?

  13. Why was the new Pharaoh afraid of the Israelites?

  14. Who said, “...every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”?

  15. Mary Magdalene was cured by Jesus. How many demons were cast out of her?

  16. According to Jesus' teachings, how can we identify false prophets?

  17. In which book can we read about a stone being thrown into a river?

  18. How often was the Year of Jubilee celebrated?

  19. What did Legion do with the stones?

  20. Which king committed suicide by falling on his sword?

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