20 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. What was the previous name of Bethel, where Jacob made a vow to the LORD?

  2. Which of his brothers wanted to save Joseph from the pit?

  3. With what were the beloved ransomed from the futile ways they inherited from their forefathers according to the book of 1Peter?

  4. In the book of Ezra, accusers wrote to King Artaxerxes that if the city is rebuilt and the walls finished, the people will not?

  5. Which king burned Jeremiah's scroll?

  6. How many questions did Tattenai, Shethar-bozenai and their associates asked the people building the temple in the book of Ezra?

  7. What should happen to anyone that is preaching another gospel according to the book of Galatians?

  8. In the book of Revelation, how many were sealed from the tribes of Israel?

  9. Who did the medium summon for Saul?

  10. At whose feet was Paul educated?

  11. What was the fate of the person who gathered sticks on the Sabbath?

  12. In the book of Ezra, who was Tattenai?

  13. From what has God delivered us in order to transfer us to the kingdom of his beloved son according to the book of Colossians?

  14. Where was Achan put to death?

  15. Which was the 10th plague to strike Egypt?

  16. By whom were the Corinthians called into the fellowship of Jesus Christ?

  17. For how long did Israel eat manna?

  18. Who did Jesus call happy after His resurrection?

  19. What were the Levites appointed to do concerning the works of the house of the LORD, according to the book of Ezra?

  20. Who saw Elijah's ascension?