20 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. Who was the first to be cursed by God?

  2. Who had 70 sons?

  3. What was the reaction of all those who heard news about what King of Assryria do, in the book of Nahum?

  4. By how many years did God extend Hezekiah's life?

  5. Who pierced a man and a woman with a spear?

  6. Who was David's counsellor?

  7. Where did the Israelites dwell in the days of the appointed feasts?

  8. Who was Isaac's wife?

  9. After how many years did Paul go up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas according to the book of Galatians?

  10. With whom shall Jesus be revealed from heaven according to the book 2Thessalonians?

  11. According to Isaiah 2, what won't the nations train for anymore?

  12. In Ezekiel 7, how did the Lord describe himself?

  13. Who were the sons of Joseph?

  14. How many months did the ark of the Lord remain with Obed-edom?

  15. Who was struck down because they touched the Ark of the Covenant?

  16. In how many cities were the elect exiles dispersed to whom apostle Peter wrote his epistle?

  17. What will be in the hands of those in white clothes who will stand before the Lamb?

  18. In which city did a silversmith called “Demetrius” gather people to riot against Paul?

  19. Why was the redeemer expected to acquire Ruth?

  20. How many sons did Ishmael (son of Abraham) have?