20 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. What did Jacob give in exchange for Esau's birthright which Esau came to despise?

  2. Who was Israel's first king?

  3. Who didn't help his/her sibling with chores around the house?

  4. Which was the 10th plague to strike Egypt?

  5. In whose bag was Joseph's cup found?

  6. Who left Paul because he was in love with this present world?

  7. During Jesus' teachings, which occupation was never mentioned?

  8. Where did John the Baptist preach?

  9. On which day of Creation did dry land first appear?

  10. Who cured the crippled man in Lystra?

  11. What did God create on the 7th day?

  12. How many temples descend from heaven to holy Jerusalem?

  13. Which son of Jacob was referred to as a lion?

  14. Which king took Sarah from Abraham for the second time?

  15. What did Judah send to Tamar after they had sex?

  16. On which mountain did Moses see the burning bush?

  17. Why did Pharaoh's daughter name the child “Moses”, whom she found in the riverbank?

  18. What was the first miracle God performed for Moses?

  19. Who disputed the body of Moses with Satan?

  20. Which man slayed more people in his death than he did in his entire life?

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