20 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. Who was the father of Joshua?

  2. Who became crippled in both feet when his nurse dropped him when he was young?

  3. How many times will he who kills Cain be avenged?

  4. How did Habakkuk describe how God made mankind during their distresses?

  5. What did the Lord desire rather than burnt offerings according to the book of Hosea?

  6. Why did Paul ask Timothy not to leave when he was going to Macedonia?

  7. Who was Zerubbabel according to the book of Ezra?

  8. According to the book of Jude, who were those that were afterward destroyed after being brought out of the land of Egypt?

  9. Who was Eunice?

  10. Paul and Barnabas disagreed with each other because Paul didn't want to travel with whom?

  11. What did the Lord promise His cities will overflow with according to Zechariah?

  12. Who tried to seduce a handsome young slave?

  13. Why were they asked to put in the sickle in the book of Joel?

  14. How many times did the sons of Israel march around Jericho before the walls collapsed?

  15. Who received 39 lashes from the Jews five times?

  16. To whom did Ezra send the leading men and men of insight?

  17. To which prophet did the Lord say that the following day his wife will be taken away?

  18. What did God say Nineveh will do in the book of Nahum?

  19. In the book of Ezra, the King Darius decreed, if anyone alters his edict, he should be?

  20. Who broke the bronze serpent into pieces?