25 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. Who was in charge of the concubines in the book of Esther?

  2. Which apostle didn't believe that the other apostles saw Jesus?

  3. Who was Solomon's mother?

  4. How many days did Elijah take to travel to Horeb where he neither ate nor drank?

  5. Who stirred up the spirit of those who worked on the house of the Lord according to Haggai?

  6. For how long was Moses kept hidden by his parents?

  7. What did Boaz acknowledge Ruth has done better in her last act of kindness?

  8. Which fruit did Paul pray that the Philippians would be filled with?

  9. What did God say Nineveh will do in the book of Nahum?

  10. Who saved Peter from Herod's prison?

  11. Who was Amos?

  12. Who killed his brother for raping his sister?

  13. How many elders fell down and worshipped Him who lives forever and ever?

  14. Who were the Sons of Zebedee?

  15. In which gospel can we trace Jesus' family tree all the way back to Adam and God?

  16. How did Saul persuade the people of Israel to fight against Nahash the Ammonite? If someone doesn't fight, then...

  17. Who took Paul and brought him to the apostles after he had been converted?

  18. Whose riddle could the people only solve by cheating?

  19. Who did Paul call his fellow prisoner in the book of Philemon?

  20. Where was Esther put after been taken into the king's palace?

  21. How many visitors met with Abraham at the oaks of Mamre, before they left towards Sodom?

  22. Who collected honey out of a lion's carcass?

  23. Who was given the name Hadassah?

  24. Where did the Israelites dwell in the days of the appointed feasts?

  25. Where is it written "my beloved is mine and I am his"?