25 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. In whose dream were there cows and ears of grains?

  2. How many living creatures were around the throne in the book of Revelation?

  3. In the book of Nahum, God is described to be?

  4. Who was David's closest friend?

  5. Who received two talents of silver and two sets of clothing from Naaman?

  6. On which mountain did Moses see the burning bush?

  7. On which day did God create sea creatures and winged birds?

  8. Who was Isaac's wife?

  9. For how long did Daniel mourn?

  10. How old was Abraham when he died?

  11. Which king burned Jeremiah's scroll?

  12. How did David die?

  13. According to 2Timothy, which spirit did God not give us?

  14. According to the book of 2Peter, what should knowledge be supplemented with?

  15. Who was married to Queen Esther?

  16. On whose head was an upper millstone thrown?

  17. Who stole her father's household gods (idols)?

  18. What was Peter's occupation?

  19. Which city refused to give food to Gideon's army?

  20. To whom did Ezra send the leading men and men of insight?

  21. If anyone approaches the holy things dedicated to the Lord while he has his uncleanness, the judgment is?

  22. Which prophet was thrown into a cistern?

  23. Which congregation's letter mentioned Jezebel's name?

  24. What happened to the slave after a king cancelled his debts? (Matthew 18)

  25. Who was the sister of Aaron and Moses?