25 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. How many chapters are there in the book of Isaiah?

  2. How many servants did Cornelius send to find Peter in Joppa?

  3. Which book has 50 chapters?

  4. In John's gospel, we read about Jesus writing on something. What did he write on?

  5. Who was Moses' father-in-law?

  6. Who pierced a man and a woman with a spear?

  7. How many deck(s) did Noah's ark have?

  8. From where shall come forth a ruler in Israel according to Micah whose coming forth is from old?

  9. How long did Jacob live in the land of Goshen (Egypt) for?

  10. What did Saul do when David went to fight against Goliath?

  11. According to 2Corinthians, why did Paul want to come to the Corinthians first?

  12. In Psalm 17, David asked the Lord to keep him as?

  13. Whom below is known in scripture to have requested a vegetarian diet?

  14. From which tribe was Moses?

  15. Who was the first to be cursed by God?

  16. What is the place where the Lord had broken out against Uzzah called?

  17. Which angel appeared to Mary?

  18. What did the Lord say He will do concerning the speech of the people according to Zephaniah?

  19. In the days of how many kings did the word of the Lord come to Micah?

  20. Who foretold that there would be a great famine all over the world?

  21. Who announced there would be rain after a three and a half year draught?

  22. What did Solomon say is under his bride's tongue?

  23. For how long will the truth be with us according to 2John?

  24. Who was about to kill himself, but someone shouted to him and he repented instead?

  25. According to the book of Jude, who are those called and beloved in God the Father kept for?