25 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. How many commandments did Moses receive on tablets of stone?

  2. Who lost his supernatural strength when his hair was cut off?

  3. Who was “slow of speech and of tongue”?

  4. Who wrote a name onto a tablet?

  5. Who offered to make tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah?

  6. Who refused to come at the king's command?

  7. In whose dream were there cows and ears of grains?

  8. Which prophet witnessed two bears attacking and killing children?

  9. Whose weapons were taken away while he was sleeping?

  10. Where is Hagar (Sarah's servant) from?

  11. How was Abraham related to Lot?

  12. How many sons did Ishmael (son of Abraham) have?

  13. How did Pharaoh reward Joseph for interpreting his dream?

  14. What was engraved on the plate of pure gold upon Aaron's turban?

  15. Who was given the name Hadassah?

  16. According to Revelation chapter 4, what did the 4 living creatures NOT look like?

  17. How many gospels are there in the New Testament?

  18. Who was afraid to look at God?

  19. How did God lead the Israelites by night?

  20. In the book of Revelation, how many were sealed from the tribes of Israel?

  21. Where was Joshua buried?

  22. Who was King David's firstborn?

  23. Which of the following is well known for being bald?

  24. Whom below is known in scripture to have requested a vegetarian diet?

  25. Who used a stone as a pillow?

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