25 Questions - Multiple Choice

  1. According to Habakkuk, what happened to the law?

  2. Before his death, which of his children did Jacob bless by saying, “Weapons of violence are their swords.”?

  3. Who foretold that there would be a great famine all over the world?

  4. Who gave name to Ruth's child?

  5. What did book of Proverbs call the price of a prostitute?

  6. What were the leaves of the tree in the book of Revelation used for?

  7. In whose dream did his sheaf of grain rise and other sheaves of grain bow down to it?

  8. How did Paul want the Corinthians to help himself and his team on their missionary works in 2Corinthians?

  9. With what did Solomon liken the stature of his bride?

  10. According to Job, which material is mined?

  11. How long did Ishmael (son of Abraham) live for?

  12. Who was the sister of Aaron and Moses?

  13. What were the princes and the scribes of Nineveh likened to in the book of Nahum?

  14. Who did the Lord not allow to enter the promised land?

  15. What was the name of Joseph's sister?

  16. Who was the youngest son of Jacob?

  17. Who was Andrew's brother?

  18. What did the Lord say has kept good from his people according to Jeremiah 5?

  19. In which city were the disciples called Christians for the first time?

  20. For how how many days was the feast of booths observed according to Leviticus?

  21. What was NOT in the Ark of the Covenant out of the following?

  22. The wrath of the Lord in the book of Nahum, is poured out like?

  23. From which city did Paul escape in a basket?

  24. What did the donkey that spoke with human voice do according to the book of 2Peter?

  25. Who named Moses?